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Mixing Vessels For Sale: Mixing vessels jkt/coil

Ardeth Engineering Mixing Vessel For Sale 2.7 cuM Stainless steel 316 jacketted vessel with high shear mixer (P510-29)

For Sale used 2700 litres stainless steel 316 reactor with Silverson high shear mixer and anchor agitator - built by Ardeth Engineering Ltd in 1987, serial no 51225, approx 1.4M diameter x 1.8M straight side, vessel rated @13.5 psi @80 degC (test21psi) and jacket 45 psi @80 degC(test 68), 4" flush bottom outlet valve fitted to bottom outlet, welded dished top and bottom, carbon steel...

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Mixing Vessel For Sale 4cuM stainless steel with jacket (P510-32)

For Sale used 4000 litres stainless steel 304 mixing vessel with carbon steel jacket and stainless steel agitator, flat top and conical bottom, built 1990, rated atmospheric internally and jacket 66psi and full vacuum, approx 1.8M diameter x 2M straight side with 0.3M cone, agitator has 6 flat angled paddles with rouser below,4 x baffles fitted to internal sidewalls.

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Mixing Vessel For Sale 11 cuM Stainless steel (P552-06)

For Sale used 11cuM stainless steel 316 mixing vessel approx 2M diameter x 3.4M straight side, welded dished bottom 0.4M, flat top with internal coils and Chemineer agitator type 1 HTAL 3 1500 RPM - 80 RPM at paddles, 2 tier 4 x flat angled blades 2.2KW, mounted on 4 x legs, 100mm diameter bottom outlet, 4 x baffles.

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